As an acting teacher, my job is to train young artists. In my thirty years of experience, I’ve been fortunate to work with some incredibly talented young actors.
Unfortunately, talent and skill isn’t enough to win roles. Just because a young actor is the most talented one in the room, it’s not guaranteed they will get the job. This is undoubtedly frustrating—in many other industries, if you study hard and develop natural talents, you’ll likely find work. But that’s not the case in show business. In fact, there are many other factors other than talent and skill that determine who books a role:
A poor attention span: Even if your child can sing like an angel, dance like Fred Astaire, and act proficiently, if he can’t be trusted to take direction properly or remember cues, he won’t be cast.
Physical characteristics: If your child is taller than the actress playing her mother, too heavy to be easily lifted by other actors who need to carry her off stage, or doesn’t look like the other actors cast to play family members, she will not win the role.
Bad luck: Maybe the casting director was just exhausted during your child’s audition after sitting through hundreds of others.

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