Maybe you’re trying to save money. Maybe you haven’t found a great fit yet. Whatever the reason, just because you’re not taking class doesn’t mean you can’t be working on your craft. For one thing, most of the iconic acting coaches the last century wrote acting technique books that are always worth reading (and rereading!). But if you find yourself nodding off while reading Uta Hagen, don’t worry—Backstage Expert and acting coach Anthony Meindl gets it. Reading about technique can be difficult (or worse, boring) and so Meindl offers up a few alternatives!

0:09 – The problem with most acting books
0:17 – Difficult to understand
0:40 – “At Left Brain, Turn Right”
0:57 – “Alphabet Soup for Grown-Ups”
1:12 – “Book the F**king Job
1:58 – Autobiographies, and creative books

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