Hi Cyber Babies. Today on #LATalkRadio #Mother Love talks with #Devyn Nicole, Screenwriter & Mallory Wallace, Entertainment Business Executive, two young (21 yr olds) mature focus driven Newbies in Hollywood, to share their fire for making a bold entrance! and

About Devyn Nicole
Devyn Nicole was born in Charlotte, NC in the year 1994. Devyn always had a passion for film and creating. In 2nd grade Devyn won a screenwriting contest competition involving the whole elementary school. Although that didn’t mean much at the time it makes perfect since for her future. Devyn always knew she would make a difference in the film industry so she attended Full Sail University studying Film production. Devyn left school and decided to create her own. She began writing feature screenplays and was driven with this amazing concept. She saw the need of diversity in Hollywood and decided to take it into her own hands.
Devyn is a SyFy screenwriter who loves Super Sheros of Color. Since she could not see any growing up, she realized it was her mission to create her… Inter Zara! Devyn’s been in LA 6 Months.
About Mallory
A transplant from Columbus OH, Mallory was determined to live her dream of being in business entertainment. After much convincing of her conservative Alabama raised Grandparents and the loving support of her family she set out to FL to Attend Full Sail University an entertainment media institution. There she met her friend Devyn Nicole and they made their way to LA to put down their new roots. Mallory’s been in LA just 1 month after interviewing for and getting the position.