There’s no doubt that having an agent does incredible things for your career, but many actors don’t know where to find one. The good news? Agents like Robert Attermann, COO of Abrams Artists Agency, are already out there looking for you. We asked him where agents find new clients!

0:10 – Where do agents find actors?
0:22 – School presentations
0:35 – Recommendations

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**More Tips on Getting an Agent**

“Assuming you’re training all the time – if you’re not in class and working out consistently, you’re probably not going to compete – and your headshots, resume, reel, website, IMDB profiles, etc are in order, the first thing you have to do is get a meeting with an agent. And you get a meeting by putting yourself out there. That doesn’t mean cold calls or blind submissions – they’re a shot in the dark. If you have an incredible look, the intern who looks at such submissions may look twice. But chances are you won’t get seen. No, putting yourself out there means the following…”