Author: Daniel Brienza

Crowd Teasers: Joel Edgerton Threatens Violence From Behind a Sick Beard in It Comes at Night Trailer

Exactly half of the trailer for Trey Edward Shults’ new thriller It Comes at Night consists of an eerie walk down a hallway. For 48 uninterrupted seconds, the screen is trapped within the narrow wooden walls of a remote cabin. On the righthand wall hangs a photo collage of family moments: sepia-tone smiles and graduation caps in quaint, endearing frames. But the long shot begins on the opposite side. The left wall is completely bare but for one oil-on-canvas painting of a medieval hellscape in a gilt antique frame. It depicts death riding to battle, wielding his scythe from the...

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How They Did It: Cameras Fried Under the Heat as the Cannibal Desert Thriller Drifter Ate Its Rookie Director Alive

Making a post-apocalyptic, comic book-inspired, cannibal desert thriller on a ridiculously micro-budget for my first feature was a very traumatizing experience— mentally, financially, psychologically, physically. By the time I had made over a dozen short films and I more or less understood the nuts and bolts of filmmaking. It was time to jump in and make a feature. I knew no one would take me seriously as a filmmaker until I made a feature film, so I held my breath and dove in. It was a frightening endeavor. With Drifter, I may have bitten off more than I could chew, especially since...

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TV Training Ground: Watch the Small Screen Television Work That Shaped Robert Altman Into a Big Screen Auteur (Video)

When it comes to the question of where or how you should start your moviemaking career, there’s no right or wrong answer. For Robert Altman, whose films capture the grandiose spontaneity of life unfolding before our eyes, that feeling of cinematic bigness was first contained by the small screen parameters of television. Altman’s work as a director for TV, first made possible by Alfred Hitchcock’s offer to the director to helm an installment of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, allowed him to make ends meet during a time before he could rely upon Short Cuts and Nashville as industry calling cards. Soon graduating to more technically...

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Only A Flesh Wound: How Being Stabbed While Shooting My Short Film Tested My Directing Skills Under Pressure

Here I was, at the young age of 24, about to shoot my passion project, a psychological thriller called Just One Drink. I had heard of accidents occurring on film sets and had realized this was a possibility going into production. When I accidentally got stabbed on the second day of a three-day shoot with a carving fork, I realized that every ounce of my ambition and mettle was going to be tested. Bearing in mind my lack of experience, I was throwing myself into the deep end, producing, directing and acting at the same time. Fulfilling the director’s duties, running the...

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