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WATCH: How Jason Momoa Became the Khal

Photo Source: YouTube How do you get in character to play a fierce, horseriding warlord on HBO’s “Game of Thrones”? For Jason Momoa, landing the role of Khal Drogo, leader of the Dothraki and dragon queen Daenerys’s tragically-fated brute with a heart of gold (pun intended) husband, it was all about the haka, a traditional Maori warrior dance. It’s rare that an audition tape goes viral, but it’s easy to see why Momoa’s did a few years ago. Amy Jo Berman, the HBO casting director responsible for GoT, said the audition “stopped me dead in my tracks.” Landing a...

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Are Editing Keyboards Worth It?

A review of the EditorsKeys Backlit Keyboard for Adobe Premiere Pro. (Windows, Wired USB) Are they worth it? Do you need one? Do I love mine? Find out here! ☺ Editors Keys Keyboards Website ☺ Rocket Jump Film School – Editing Shortcuts ☺ Previous Video – SD Cards Video Playlist – YouTube and Video Tips ☺ FACEBOOK : TWITTER : INSTAGRAM : WEBSITE : GEAR PAGE :

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Acting Tips!

Emily and Stephen give out some acting advice in this episode! Filmed and edited by Andrew Snapchat : filmmakingman Instagram: Tumblr :

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Swing States: With the Ups and Downs of Tax Incentives Across America, Lives and Movies Hang in the Balance

  There’s still a spirited debate going on in the U.S. about film tax incentives. Moviemakers and their advocates point to jobs tourism revenue. Tax hawks claim lack of bang for the buck when it comes to state spending. The shouting matches are increasingly shrill and for all players involved, the stakes are high. Born out of an economic slowdown and designed to fight film flight to Canada, film incentives in the U.S. became an integral part of moviemaking in the early 1990s. Louisiana was one of the first states to launch what would become a booming statewide incentive...

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