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“Marc Cherry Project”
Annie, get your gun! Everyone’s favorite “Survivor,” Reba McEntire, is about to put on a badge. The iconic country music star, who has already proven she can hold down a wholesome 30-minute comedy, will take a walk on the dramatic side for her new ABC pilot. The Marc Cherry–scribed project will follow a Red State sheriff who finds her ideals challenged when she’s matched with a Muslim FBI agent sent to help her solve a gruesome crime. Those pondering whether the typically satirical singer can step into the realm of serious television fare can refer back to a handful of films and music videos in the McEntire catalog that suggest she can more than keep pace with heavy subject matter. Casting on the project is going through Scott Genkinger’s office. McEntire is the only name currently attached to the pilot that’s set to shoot in March. While the project is set in Kentucky, there’s no word yet as to whether the pilot will take up production in the Bible Belt.

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“Hampton Deville”
Comedy Central is all about corporate disparity with its new series pickup. The comedy will follow two low-level executives-in-training as they begrudgingly perform the dirty work their bosses neglect. The pressure leads to a social media faux pas that has the potential to fold the struggling company. The series has already cast Anne Dudek, Matt Ingebretson, Pat Bishop, Lance Reddick, Adam Lustick,and Jake Weisman with the help of casting director Lauren Grey. Production on the series is expected to commence in the spring or summer of this year. Los Angeles, where the pilot was shot, will continue to host the series for its upcoming season.

“The Alienist”
TNT wants to step inside the human brain with its new series. The project will follow a crime writer and an alienist, an expert on mental pathologies, as they join the New York City Police Department in tracking down one of the Big Apple’s first serial killers. The series, based on the novel by Caleb Carr, will explore early techniques of investigation in New York’s Gilded Age. Luke Evans and Daniel Brühl are already in place to star as the two leads in the project. Additional casting for the crime series will come from Avy Kaufman’s New York office within the coming weeks. Production is set to begin this March and will take place in Budapest, Hungary, which will double for the turn-of-the-century New York streets. 

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