Here’s where it starts. Turn off your computer, come out to our network meetings, come out and meet some real people, who love filmmaking, (and leave your ego at home). With almost 4000 people in the Florida Film Network, we have a large population of filmmakers in Tampa Bay, where it all started. If you’re not in Tampa Bay, we are currently searching for passionate leaders to start local chapters of FFN all over Florida!

Learn Filmmaking

There are so many opportunities to learn filmmaking. Get involved with local film challenges, like our 30 Day Film Challenges, like the Action Film Challenge, Zombie Film Challenge, or Monster Film Challenge. Volunteer to work with one of thousands of filmmakers, and get hands-on, real world, filmmaking experience. Attend one our many local filmmaking workshops.

Make Movies

Our members make hundreds of movies, every year! So, there are many opportunities to get involved. If you join FFN, you will learn about all the opportunities to get involved in projects all over the state! Don’t sit at home wishing you were making films… Join FFN and get started!


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